absoluteBLACK DISCPAD35 Disc Brake Pad (SRAM Road/CX - #37) 37

Style SRAM Road/CX - #37
Brake Compound Organic/Resin
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand absoluteBLACK
Model Number DISCPAD35
UPC 5110846005277
Color Black
Weight 20 grams
Intended Use

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absoluteBLACK's GRAPHENpads introduce a novel approach to disc brake pad technology, integrating graphene into both the friction compound and backplate coating. This design aims to enhance braking performance, extend durability, and improve heat dissipation. These pads are developed to be compatible with a range of SRAM and Avid brake systems, including but not limited to the newer generations of Red eTap AXS and various Level models.

The use of graphene, known for its excellent thermal and durability properties, in lieu of traditional toxic copper, signifies a step towards more environmentally conscious componentry without compromising on performance. The backplate cooling fins are coated with graphene to facilitate better heat management, which is essential in maintaining brake efficiency during prolonged use. This package includes one set of pads sufficient for one wheel and a corresponding spring. With patented technology, these pads are positioned as a significant advancement in the disc brake pad industry.

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