SRAM 11.5018.026.000 Hydraulic Post-Mount Disc Brake Caliper

Actuation Hydraulic
Brake Fluid DOT
Mount Type Post-Mount
Position Back, Front
Pistons 2
Compatible Brake Pad Styles SRAM Road/CX - #37
Resin Pads Only No
Brand SRAM
Model Number 11.5018.026.000
UPC 710845762543
Color Black
Weight 113 grams
Intended Use

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The SRAM Force 22/Force 1 disc brake caliper is a complete hydraulic braking system suitable for both front and rear setup on road and cyclocross bicycles. This assembly includes a caliper with an 18mm piston size, which is adept at providing a balance between responsive braking power and fine modulation.

The caliper comes with steel-backed organic pads, known for delivering smooth and responsive braking with a quieter engagement than metallic pads. Organic pads are often preferred for less abrasive interactions with the rotor and for their solid bite in dry conditions, although they may wear faster in wet and gritty environments.

This model is a post mount caliper, which means it mounts to corresponding posts on the bike's frame or fork, a widely used standard that allows for easy adjustment and maintenance.

The hydraulic system of the caliper is designed for use with DOT fluid, ensuring reliable performance and consistency in a variety of riding conditions due to DOT fluid's high boiling point and stable viscosity.

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