SRAM 11.5018.056.003 Hydraulic Post-Mount Disc Brake Caliper

Actuation Hydraulic
Brake Fluid DOT
Mount Type Post-Mount
Position Back, Front
Pistons 2
Compatible Brake Pad Styles SRAM Road/CX - #37
Resin Pads Only No
Brand SRAM
Model Number 11.5018.056.003
UPC 710845841064
Color Black
Weight 99 grams
Intended Use

Click to see all known products that are interchangeable with this product. For disc brake calipers we use pad's mount type, actuation, and brake fluid type (if hydraulic) to narrow the selection to interchangeable parts. Other factors like weight, brand, and price are not relevant to compatibility. This is designed to help you quickly find replacement parts that will fit.

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This caliper assembly, compatible with 2017 and newer models, features a 2-piston design, which is sufficient for the majority of trail riding situations, providing a good balance between braking power and modulation. The caliper body is forged from aluminum, a manufacturing process that ensures strength and durability while maintaining a light weight. Stainless steel hardware is used to resist corrosion and ensure long-term reliability.

Designed to be mounted on a post mount interface, the caliper can be attached directly to the frame or fork's posts, which is a standard setup for many modern bikes.

Hydraulic lever actuation is employed to activate the braking mechanism, using DOT fluid as the hydraulic medium. DOT fluid is selected for its consistent performance across varying temperatures and its high boiling point, reducing the risk of brake fade during prolonged use.

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