Shimano IBPK05TIRXA Disc Brake Pad (Shimano Road - #59) 59

Style Shimano Road - #59
Brake Compound Organic/Resin
Backing Material Titanium
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand Shimano
Model Number IBPK05TIRXA
UPC 192790639574
Color Gray
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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These brake pads come with a titanium backing plate that not only makes them lightweight but also enhances heat insulation. With 50% more wear resistance than the previous model (K03Ti), you can rely on these brake pads to last longer.

Designed for both dry and wet conditions, the Shimano K05Ti Disc Brake Pads provide consistently smooth and quiet braking power. They are compatible with a wide range of Shimano models, including BR-M9100, BR-M9110, BR-R9270, and more. Whether you're tackling trails or commuting on city streets, these brake pads deliver reliable performance.

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