Shimano IBRRX400RDRF Hydraulic Flat-Mount Disc Brake Caliper

Actuation Hydraulic
Brake Fluid Mineral Oil
Mount Type Flat-Mount
Position Back
Pistons 2
Compatible Brake Pad Styles Shimano Road - #59
Resin Pads Only No
Brand Shimano
Model Number IBRRX400RDRF
UPC 192790448657
Color Black
Weight 143 grams
Intended Use

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The Shimano GRX BR-RX400 disc brake caliper is tailored for gravel biking, offering a robust braking solution that integrates Shimano's ICE technology for superior heat management. This feature is especially beneficial during long descents where brakes are used extensively, as it helps maintain consistent braking performance by reducing heat buildup.

The caliper is designed with a flat-mount standard, providing a clean and low-profile interface with the bike frame or fork, which is a common choice for modern road and gravel bikes. It comes with resin pads equipped with fins, which aid in cooling and are known for their quieter braking and good performance in dry conditions.

An additional feature of the GRX BR-RX400 is its design to efficiently shed mud, ensuring optimal functionality even when riding in muddy conditions. The caliper incorporates Shimano's easy hose joint system, commonly referred to as J-kit, which simplifies hose installation and allows for more convenient tool access.

Shimano's One Way Bleeding technology is another standout feature, which simplifies the process of removing air from the brake system, ensuring easy maintenance and a clean bleeding process.

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