Shimano IBRR9170R1RF Hydraulic Flat-Mount Disc Brake Caliper

Actuation Hydraulic
Brake Fluid Mineral Oil
Mount Type Flat-Mount
Position Back
Pistons 2
Compatible Brake Pad Styles Shimano Road - #59
Resin Pads Only No
Brand Shimano
Model Number IBRR9170R1RF
UPC 689228890480
Color Black
Weight 123 grams
Intended Use

Click to see all known products that are interchangeable with this product. For disc brake calipers we use pad's mount type, actuation, and brake fluid type (if hydraulic) to narrow the selection to interchangeable parts. Other factors like weight, brand, and price are not relevant to compatibility. This is designed to help you quickly find replacement parts that will fit.

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The Shimano Dura Ace BR-R9170 disc brake caliper is a high-end, racing-oriented component that delivers hydraulic braking precision and power. It's designed with an optimal balance for high-performance racing applications, where control and responsiveness are paramount.

This caliper features advanced heat dissipation technologies, thanks to the resin pads with fins that help to cool the brakes more efficiently under the high demands of competitive racing. The one-piece alloy body contributes to a low-profile and integrated design, enhancing both aerodynamics and aesthetics.

The brake lever, which is not included with the caliper, is shaped and engineered specifically to match the needs of racing, providing a particular stroke, contact point, and stiffness. This specialization ensures improved control and confidence under the intense conditions of race pace.

Maintenance and setup are made convenient with easy tool access and straightforward wheel replacement processes. This flat-mount caliper is sleek and unobtrusive, maintaining the clean lines of modern road racing bikes.

The system operates with mineral oil hydraulic fluid, ensuring smooth and consistent braking. While the caliper comes with resin pads, it does not include a rotor, which allows racers to choose the size and style that best fits their bike and racing discipline. The Shimano Dura Ace BR-R9170 caliper is the go-to for racers seeking the utmost in performance and reliability.

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