Kool-Stop KS-D270 Disc Brake Pad (Avid Juicy/BB7 - #03) 03

Style Avid Juicy/BB7 - #03
Brake Compound Organic/Resin
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand Kool-Stop
Model Number KS-D270
UPC 760251075348
Color Orange
Weight 22 grams
Intended Use

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Compatible Disc Brake Calipers

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Kool-Stop disc brake pads are designed to be compatible with Avid Juicy and BB7 brake calipers, catering to DIY cyclists in need of replacements or upgrades for their bike's braking system. These pads are made with an organic compound, which is often preferred for its quieter braking and quicker wear-in time compared to metallic options.

The inclusion of springs with these pads ensures a complete set for straightforward installation. Organic pads like these are typically well-suited for everyday cycling, providing reliable stopping power under normal riding conditions. The design and material choice aim to offer a balance between functional braking performance and the gentle engagement that many riders appreciate.

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