SRAM 00.5315.035.010 Disc Brake Pad (SRAM Level, Avid Elixir - #01) 01

Style SRAM Level, Avid Elixir - #01
Brake Compound Sintered/Metallic
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand SRAM
Model Number 00.5315.035.010
UPC 710845674853
Color Copper
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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The Avid/SRAM Disc Brake Pads with a sintered compound are designed to fit various models within the Elixir and DB series, as well as Level and Level TL brake systems. These pads are targeted toward cyclists who maintain and customize their own bicycles, providing a direct replacement option that aligns with the original equipment specifications for assured performance.

Sintered brake pads are known for their durability and exceptional performance in wet and gritty conditions, making them suitable for riders in diverse environments. The steel backing plate offers a sturdy base for the sintered material, contributing to the pad's longevity and stability. Pad Shape Number 01 ensures these pads are correctly matched to the corresponding brake calipers, simplifying the selection process for users. These brake pads are made for those who prefer a reliable and hard-wearing braking surface that maintains performance over time without the need for frequent replacements.

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