SRAM 180mm, Center Lock, 1-Piece, Rotor

Rotor Type 1-Piece
Mount Type Center Lock
Rotor Size 180
Thickness 2.0
Brand SRAM
Model Number 00.5018.176.005
UPC 710845862373
Color Black, Silver
Weight 212 grams
Intended Use

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The SRAM HS2 Disc Brake Rotor is a high-performance rotor designed for mountain bikes. This one-piece rotor is designed to enhance braking performance while minimizing noise and maximizing heat dissipation. It features a brake track pattern that provides increased pad traction, allowing for more efficient braking.

The SRAM HS2 Rotor also stands out for its superior heat management capabilities. Its thicker 2mm size ensures optimal heat dissipation, while the spokes are coated with thermal dissipating paint. This feature helps to reduce the risk of overheating during intense rides, ensuring consistent and reliable braking power.

Please note that the SRAM HS2 Rotor is MTB-specific and is compatible with Center-Lock hubs. Additionally, due to its 2mm thickness, it may not be compatible with certain brake calipers. This rotor comes with a lockring included for easy installation.

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