Hope 180mm, 4-Bolt, 1-Piece, Rotor

Rotor Type 1-Piece
Mount Type 4-Bolt
Rotor Size 180
Thickness None
Brand Hope
Model Number HBSP3301806FN
UPC 5056033418058
Color Black
Weight 146 grams
Intended Use

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Introducing the Hope Floating Disc Rotor: 180mm Black, a meticulously designed brake rotor that offers exceptional performance for your bike. This disc rotor features a wider braking surface, allowing it to work seamlessly with various brake systems from different manufacturers. Its unique floating design enhances heat management and ensures consistent and reliable braking performance even under demanding conditions.

Crafted from laser-cut stainless steel, the braking surface of this rotor is not only durable but also provides excellent stopping power. In addition, the rotor comes with the necessary rotor bolts, making installation a breeze. The standard 6-bolt IS mount further enhances compatibility, allowing you to easily integrate this rotor into your bike's braking system.

With a rotor size of 180mm, this disc rotor strikes a perfect balance between agility and stopping power. The two-piece design further contributes to its overall performance and reliability. Weighing just 146 grams, this rotor is lightweight without compromising durability.

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