Hope 220mm, 6-Bolt, 1-Piece, Rotor

Rotor Type 1-Piece
Mount Type 6-Bolt
Rotor Size 220
Thickness None
Brand Hope
Model Number HBSP3302206FR
UPC 5056033475419
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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The Hope Floating Disc Brake Rotor is a high-quality replacement rotor designed to provide excellent performance and compatibility with a wide range of brake systems. With a wider braking surface, it ensures compatibility with various manufacturer's brakes, making it a versatile choice for bike enthusiasts who work on their own bikes.

This disc brake rotor features a laser-cut stainless steel braking surface, which enhances its durability and ensures reliable braking performance. The two-piece design incorporates a floating mechanism that allows for better heat management, increasing the overall efficiency of the braking system.

In addition, the Hope Floating Disc Brake Rotor is designed with a machined radius on either edge of the rotor, further contributing to its performance and effectiveness. It comes with rotor bolts included, ensuring a straightforward installation process.

Compatible with 6-bolt IS mounts and all pad compounds, this disc brake rotor provides bike riders with a reliable and durable option for replacing or modifying their bike's braking system. With the Hope Floating Disc Brake Rotor, you can make confident improvements to your bike's braking performance.

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