Shimano EBPH03ARFA Disc Brake Pad (Shimano Deore XT/Saint Cooling)

Style Shimano Deore XT/Saint Cooling
Brake Compound Organic/Resin
Backing Material Aluminum
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand Shimano
Model Number EBPH03ARFA
UPC 192790327457
Color Black
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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Compatible Disc Brake Calipers

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The Shimano H03A-RF disc brake pads are compatible with a selection of Shimano brake calipers, specifically the BR-M820, BR-M8020, and BR-M640 models. These pads are crafted with a resin compound which is recognized for providing smooth and quieter braking performance. This characteristic is typically preferred by riders who value a more silent operation of their bike's brake system.

These pads incorporate aluminum radiator cooling fins, an innovative design feature that serves to extend the life of the pads by reducing the potential for brake fade — a common issue during prolonged braking periods or in high-temperature riding conditions. The finned back plate is not only functional in terms of heat dissipation but also adds to the structural integrity of the pads. The resin compound itself is formulated to perform under both dry and wet conditions, offering consistent braking power regardless of the weather. These pads are also suitable for e-bikes, which often require more robust braking systems due to their increased weight and power. The inclusion of a heat sink facilitates additional thermal management, and Pad Shape Number 51 ensures these pads fit the compatible Shimano calipers precisely.

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