Jagwire DCA097 Disc Brake Pad (Magura MT8/6/4/2 - #10) 10

Style Magura MT8/6/4/2 - #10
Brake Compound Semi-metallic
Backing Material Alloy
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand Jagwire
Model Number DCA097
UPC 4715910031384
Color Gold
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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These disc brake pads are tailored to fit Magura models MT8, MT6, MT4, and MT2, offering a seamless compatibility for those looking to maintain or replace their current brake system components. The semi-metallic compound used in these pads strikes a balance between the durability of metallic pads and the reduced noise of organic pads.

The alloy backing of these pads provides a rigid platform for the semi-metallic compound, which can contribute to consistent braking performance over time. This composition is designed to handle a variety of riding conditions, potentially offering a balance between brake longevity and efficacy.

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