Jagwire DCA898 Disc Brake Pad (SRAM Guide Cooling)

Style SRAM Guide Cooling
Brake Compound Semi-metallic
Backing Material Aluminum
Cooling Fin YesTrue
Brand Jagwire
Model Number DCA898
UPC 4715910041215
Color Black
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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These disc brake pads are designed to be installed on various models of SRAM and Avid brake systems, including the Guide Ultimate, Guide RSC (B1), and RS (B1) calipers, among others. The pads feature a semi-metallic compound that aims to offer a dependable braking response in diverse riding conditions. The semi-metallic nature of the pads provides a balance between responsive braking power and wear resistance, suitable for riders in different environments.

The pads are constructed with aluminum backing plates that incorporate aluminum cooling fins with cutouts, engineered to enhance heat dissipation through convective air cooling. This design is intended to minimize the risk of brake fade and prevent the potential warping of rotors by effectively managing heat. Additionally, graphene is utilized within the construction as a thermal conductor to aid in the transfer of heat from the rotor to the fins, further enhancing the cooling efficiency. The inclusion of a heat sink indicates a proactive approach to temperature management during braking.

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