Jagwire DCA809 Disc Brake Pad (SRAM Code Cooling)

Style SRAM Code Cooling
Brake Compound Graphene
Backing Material Aluminum
Cooling Fin YesTrue
Brand Jagwire
Model Number DCA809
UPC 471591004160
Color Black
Weight 28 grams
Intended Use

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The Jagwire Elite Cooling Disc Brake Pad is a high-quality replacement for SRAM and Avid brakes. Designed with industry-leading brake compounds, these pads offer consistent and confident performance.

One of the standout features of these brake pads is their lightweight aluminum cooling fins, which are integrated into the backing plate. These fins effectively dissipate heat from the brake system, preventing brake fade and warped rotors. They also feature top and side cutouts that utilize airflow to maximize convective cooling.

The pads use graphene as a thermal conductor, effectively pulling heat away from the rotor and into the cooling fins. This innovative technology ensures optimal performance in all weather conditions, providing excellent power, modulation, and durability.

Specifically designed to fit SRAM Code RSC (A1) and Code R (B1) brake calipers, these Jagwire Elite Cooling Disc Brake Pads are the perfect choice for bike riders who want to upgrade their braking system or replace worn-out pads.

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