Hayes 98-26517-K002 Disc Brake Pad (Hayes Prime Comp/Expert/Pro - #05) 05

Style Hayes Prime Comp/Expert/Pro - #05
Brake Compound Semi-metallic
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand Hayes
Model Number 98-26517-K002
UPC 844171036198
Color Black
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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The Hayes Prime disc brake pads are semi-metallic, a composition that is generally recognized for providing a good balance between brake responsiveness and pad longevity. This type of pad is suitable for riders looking for consistent braking performance, especially those who manage maintenance and part replacements on their own bicycles.

These pads are specifically designed to fit the Hayes Prime series of brake calipers. The semi-metallic compound is advantageous for its versatility, often performing well in various riding conditions, from dry to wet environments. Included with the pads are springs which are essential for proper installation and function. This feature ensures that the pads can be securely and correctly placed within the brake caliper, ready for use. The semi-metallic nature of these pads makes them a practical option for everyday riding and moderate usage.

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