Galfer BFD436G1455 Disc Brake Pad (Magura MT8/6/4/2 - #10) 10

Style Magura MT8/6/4/2 - #10
Brake Compound Semi-metallic
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand Galfer
Model Number BFD436G1455
UPC 8400170057194
Color Blue
Weight Unknown
Intended Use
Manu. URL: URL

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The Galfer Magura MT2/4/6/8/S, Campagnolo H11 Disc Brake Pads - Road Compound is a high-quality brake pad option for road bikes. Designed by Galfer, a company with over 60 years of experience manufacturing braking systems for two-wheel vehicles, these brake pads offer powerful and efficient performance.

The Road G1455 compound is specifically formulated to deliver optimal performance on road surfaces and under all weather conditions. This means that no matter where or when you ride, these brake pads will provide reliable stopping power.

Compatible with Magura 2-Piston disc brake calipers including the MT2, MT4, MT6, MT8, and MTS models, as well as Campagnolo H11, these brake pads are versatile and can be used with a range of bike setups. The backing plate is made of steel for durability, and the semi-metallic compound ensures long-lasting wear.

Upgrade your bike's braking system with confidence and rely on Galfer Magura MT2/4/6/8/S, Campagnolo H11 Disc Brake Pads - Road Compound for reliable and efficient performance on the road.

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