Galfer BFD465G1053 Disc Brake Pad (Hope E4 - #40) 40

Style Hope E4 - #40
Brake Compound Semi-metallic
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand Galfer
Model Number BFD465G1053
UPC 8400160086791
Color Black
Weight 24 grams
Intended Use
Manu. URL: URL

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Compatible Disc Brake Calipers

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The Galfer Hope E4, RX4-SH Disc Brake Pads are a great choice for bicycle enthusiasts who work on their own bikes. These brake pads are specially designed for use with Hope E4 disc brake calipers, ensuring a perfect fit for your bike.

Featuring a standard compound, these brake pads provide a similar feel to an OEM brake pad, making them a reliable choice for moderate-use. They offer strong durability in most riding conditions, allowing you to confidently tackle various terrains.

The Galfer USA Standard Compound disc brake pads are made with a steel backing plate material and a semi-metallic compound, ensuring high-quality performance. Additionally, these brake pads are compatible with Hope E4, RX4+, and RX4-SHIMANO models, offering versatility for different brake caliper variations.

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