absoluteBLACK DISCPAD31 Disc Brake Pad (SRAM G2 Cooling)

Style SRAM G2 Cooling
Brake Compound Organic/Resin
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin YesTrue
Brand absoluteBLACK
Model Number DISCPAD31
UPC 5110846005291
Color Black
Weight Unknown
Intended Use

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The absoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads feature a novel design incorporating cooling fins on the backplate, intended to enhance heat dissipation during intense braking. These fins are an integral part of the pads' thermal management system, aimed at maintaining optimal performance even under high temperatures generated during prolonged braking.

A distinctive aspect of these pads is the use of graphene in both the backplate coating and the friction compound. The friction compound, devoid of toxic copper, is specially formulated with modified graphene to improve the braking performance and increase the durability of the pads. This innovation reflects a commitment to both safety and environmental considerations.

The backplates are coated entirely with a graphene layer, designed to facilitate heat transfer from the friction material to the cooling fins. This coating is meant to contribute to a more efficient cooling process, thereby potentially extending the life of the pads and maintaining consistent braking power.

Compatibility is a strong feature of the GRAPHENpads, as they are designed to work with a range of brake systems from SRAM, Avid, and Trickstuff, ensuring a broad market application. The inclusion of one set of pads and one spring per package indicates that these are sold for individual wheel applications, requiring two sets for a complete bike setup.

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