absoluteBLACK DISCPAD34 Disc Brake Pad (Shimano Road Cooling - #60) 60

Style Shimano Road Cooling - #60
Brake Compound Organic/Resin
Backing Material Steel
Cooling Fin No or Unknown
Brand absoluteBLACK
Model Number DISCPAD34
UPC 5110846005260
Color Black
Weight 45 grams
Intended Use

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absoluteBLACK introduces GRAPHENpads disc brake pads, tailored for a wide array of Shimano road braking systems. These pads are the result of an innovative design process that integrates specially modified graphene into the friction compound and backplate coating, setting a new standard within the brake pad industry. The inclusion of graphene is intended to enhance braking performance, extend the durability of the pads, and improve heat dissipation compared to traditional materials.

Designed for compatibility with a comprehensive range of Shimano road models from the Dura Ace, Ultegra, and 105 series to the Tiagra and GRX lines, these pads also fit an assortment of MTB calipers including XTR and XT, as well as various TRP, Tektro, and Rever models. This versatility ensures that a broad spectrum of cyclists can benefit from the advanced material technology offered by GRAPHENpads. The package includes a single set of pads sufficient for one wheel, accompanied by a spring, facilitating immediate installation. The use of graphene not only aids in temperature management during braking but also minimizes the environmental impact by eliminating the need for copper, traditionally used in brake pad compounds.

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