TRP ABMD000033 Mechanical Flat-Mount Disc Brake Caliper

Actuation Mechanical
Mount Type Flat-Mount
Position Back, Front
Pistons 2
Compatible Brake Pad Styles Shimano Deore - #22
Resin Pads Only No
Brand TRP
Model Number ABMD000033
UPC 4717592021981
Color Black
Weight 154 grams
Intended Use

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The TRP Spyre is a mechanical disc brake caliper renowned for its dual-piston movement, which provides even and consistent contact with the rotor, resulting in enhanced braking power and modulation. This caliper is compatible with flat mount setups, a standard that integrates smoothly with modern road, gravel, and cyclocross bike designs.

The caliper's mechanism includes ramped ball bearings, which contribute to smooth pad engagement and allow for precise control over the braking force. It is equipped with a unique resin pad composite that incorporates metal fibers, offering a balance between the durability of metal pads and the reduced noise and vibration of resin pads. These pads are also suitable for use with both resin-only and standard rotors.

Designed specifically for road, gravel, and cyclocross applications, the TRP Spyre brake caliper is versatile and adaptable for a variety of cycling disciplines. It is important to note that the necessary mounting hardware, rotors, and adapters are sold separately, which gives riders the freedom to customize their brake setup according to their specific bike requirements and preferences.

With a weight of 154 grams, the TRP Spyre caliper maintains a lightweight profile without compromising on braking efficiency. This caliper is an excellent choice for cyclists who prefer the simplicity and reliability of a mechanical braking system but still require the performance of a hydraulic system.

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