Shimano EBRMT420MPRXL Hydraulic Post-Mount Disc Brake Caliper

Actuation Hydraulic
Brake Fluid Mineral Oil
Mount Type Post-Mount
Position Back, Front
Pistons 4
Compatible Brake Pad Styles Shimano Deore XT/Saint - #50
Resin Pads Only No
Brand Shimano
Model Number EBRMT420MPRXL
UPC 192790443454
Color Black
Weight 120 grams
Intended Use

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The Shimano BR-MT420 is a hydraulic disc brake caliper that is designed to deliver consistent and robust braking performance suitable for a variety of riding styles, including aggressive downhill riding. It is a 4-piston caliper, which means it has two pairs of pistons on either side of the rotor, providing increased contact area for improved stopping power and control compared to 2-piston designs.

The caliper is set up for post mounting, a common mounting style where the caliper bolts directly onto the frame or fork, providing a secure and straightforward installation. It is designed to work with Shimano's hydraulic brake systems, utilizing mineral oil as the hydraulic fluid which is known for being less corrosive and offering consistent performance over a wide range of temperatures.

Included with the caliper are D03S resin brake pads, which are generally quieter and offer a strong initial bite compared to metal pads. However, resin pads may wear faster and are less effective in wet and dirty conditions. The 4-piston design combined with these pads makes the BR-MT420 an excellent choice for riders looking for confident braking without the extra weight or complexity of more race-oriented brake systems.

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