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Interconnecting Bike Parts

Here's the pain we feel: we maintain multiple bikes for ourselves and family members and each bike has different parts. Different brands or groupsets. Different generations of parts. It's a lot to keep track of.

So, when something breaks, we need a reliable source where we can find replacement parts that will fit. Time and reliability drive us more than price. We'd rather find the part we need nearby so we can finish the job we've started than find a slightly better deal online. And why not spend a bit more upgrading a bike part as long as you're replacing it, eh?

That's what this site is designed to do. When you need to replace something, look up the part you're replacing, or a part that's attached to that part. From there, you should be able to find lists of compatible parts from cheap generic parts to the cutting edge, and where you can find those parts.

This site is a work in progress. We'll be adding more categories, more parts, and more vendors over time. If you like where this is heading or have ideas on how to improve, drop us a note.


Disc Brake Pads: They come in dozens of shapes and use a variety of braking compounds and backing plates to achieve different levels of performance in different conditions (and, not surprisingly, at different prices). Our Disc Brake Pads

list allows you to filter for pads by style, compound, and braking compound so you can see ALL of the pads that will fit your brake calipers, then filter those choices by narrower specs as needed, then see where you can pick them up locally or online.

Additionally, you can search from the opposite direction. If you know the make/model of your brakes, you can navigate to the page for those brakes and follow a link to compatible disc brake pads.

For the quirkiest of bike geeks, say you find yourself with a set of brake pads and decide that you'd like to pick up some brakes to go with the pads you have collecting dust in your garage. No problem. Navigate to the page for the disc brake pads, then click to compatible brake calipers.